3 reasons why web-developers need to be marketers when developing

Posted by George Nicolaou

On 7 May, 2018

3 reasons why web-developers need to be marketers when developing

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It’s Monday again and I was thinking that web-developers should also be marketers so here goes:

1.    A great design doesn’t mean increased conversions

As a web-developer I find clients always like pages that are eye-catching but eye-catching doesn’t mean a visitor will become a customer so I design/development we also need to make it so that the design causes an action. These actions may include subscribing to a mailing-list to get a piece of exclusive content for example. Point being that other then design each page needs to have a purpose. Remember your clients will be happier if their sales increase.

2.    Being the expert makes you a better candidate

In my experience it’s always better to explain to your client what makes you the expert. Now, the truth is they might have a design in mind and you might already know that you can create what they have in mind but, always remember that clients talk to other web-developers/designers too. Always try and explain how your design will lead to conversion. Don’t overpromise and underdeliver. There are known proven methods of conversion but always emphasize that care needs to be taken and testing needs to be ongoing until a conversion strategy works. The fact that you care enough to explain what will be done and how but also the fact that you will be there for your client to test the results and adapt the design if need be might just lead to them choose you over other candidates.

3.    You can Upsell other services

When you prove to a client that you design works and that it leads to conversion obviously you can upsell them other service you offer because you have proven your worth to them.


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Web Development 1013 reasons why web-developers need to be marketers when developing