5 reasons you might need to change hosting

Posted by George Nicolaou

On 22 Oct, 2018

5 reasons you might need to change hosting

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It’s Monday again and as usual, I’ll be putting my thoughts out there on a specific topic. As you can tell from the title I’m going to attempt to lay out 5 reasons you might need to change hosting.

You have slow load times

Speed is key on the web. Load times are basically what we are referring to in the previous statement. Optimizing a website for speed is a process no matter what hosting you use. Some hosting companies are better than others. My point isn’t to give you a list of the good and bad ones but merely to say that slow load times can be an indication you need to change hosts assuming your developer has gone through the motions of doing the standard optimization process. These include Server-side caching, using a CDN, Optimizing images, JavaScript and CSS.

You have too many neighbors

People that use shared hosting are the people that have this issue. Shared hosting means that you share the computer your website is on with other people meaning websites. If there are just too many websites on a server and all these websites have substantial traffic. Your website will inherently be slow due to limited CPU and RAM resources allocated to each user on an individual server. Shared hosting is good for small sites with low traffic.

Your IP has a bad reputation

If the server, you are hosted on is detected sending spam or hosting malware then the chances are that it’s IP address is going to get blacklisted. Being blacklist means some security software programs will warn users your website is unsafe. Emails will also be considered spam if they are sent for a blacklisted IP.

Your site is slow during peaks

If your website seems slow when you know that lots of people are actively using it than that means you probably need better hosting. If for example you host a forum or a blog with lots and lots of people actively using it than, you may notice your website feeling sluggish. Take the hint and get better hosting.

Non-standard software is not allowed on the server

If non-standard software is not allowed on the server and you need to host that software on your server than your only choice is to change hosting. Some hosting companies may prohibit the use of some software because they are aware of the security issues that specific software may have. These vulnerabilities may pose a threat to their entire infrastructure. To be totally honest they would most likely prefer losing you as a client rather than risking their infrastructure.

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Web Development 1015 reasons you might need to change hosting