5 things fresh content does for your website rankings

Posted by George Nicolaou

On 19 Mar, 2018

5 things fresh content does for your website rankings

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It’s Monday and as always, I put my thoughts out there. Inspiration for topics comes from my life as a freelance Web Developer. In todays topic I want people that have a website or intend to create one to learn why a website shouldn’t be a “Create and forget” type of asset.

If you create or have a beautiful website and populate it with the perfect content and of course do some SEO you will probably rank in the search engines at least initially. Let’s say you leave your site as is for a month, you will start falling in the rankings. There is a very simple reason why this happens. Google may have come to visit but since there were no changes to you site it assumes that you have nothing new to say which probably means you may not be an “authority” in your industry. This is a very simplistic explanation of what Google really uses to rank websites. I just wanted to use the “authority” analogy which most people understand better than technical SEO. For you to be an “authority” you need fresh content. Here’s a few reasons why fresh content helps your site rank higher:

Frequent Indexing

The more content you add the more things Google adds to its index in relation to your site. This doesn’t mean your site will rank 1st because you have a million articles. It’s just means you have more probability of having content that a potential client in your industry may find useful. Assuming you sell products related to that article the user/client reading it may just say “Well, since I am here why don’t I just buy it off them”. So you even may make a sale.

Google love new unique content

If your content is unique with your personal spin on it than Google will love you. Google loves the fact that it hasn’t seen the content elsewhere on the Internet. Pro Tip: If you re-post something from another source be sure to give appropriate attribution but, the reality is that you will give the original website the ranking benefits in regard to that piece of content.

More content means more ranking keywords

This is a self-explanatory one. The more you write the more phrases related to your industry appear in your content. If these phrases are what you want to rank for than at some point you probably will.

More content means you are probably some kind of authority

The more content you write on a topic in your industry the more Googles robot start thinking “Ok, this website is an authority on XYZ”. Resulting in higher rankings

Keep Your Audience Informed and Interested

The more content you release the better because you keep your audience Informed and Interested in your services and/or products which means if the article title catches their eye they will be visiting your site which in turn leads to higher ranking due to higher volumes of traffic.

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Web Development 1015 things fresh content does for your website rankings