5 ways to handle your clients expectations

Posted by George Nicolaou

On 27 Aug, 2018

5 ways to handle your clients expectations

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It’s Monday again and as usual, I’ll be putting my thoughts out there on a specific topic. As you can tell from the title I’m going to attempt to highlight a few ways to handle your client’s expectations. Here goes:

Communicate Early

This one is quite simple, communicate early with your client when you are waiting on or expecting action on their part. Doing so gives you a record of a first communication date and leaves the ball in their court.

Monitor the Situation

As I said before the ball is now in the client’s court but, you actually still have a job to do. Sometimes clients have the client has stuff going on and may neglect to send you the required information. You need to subtly keep requesting the information at timely intervals. Make sure you have tone that indicates that you are checking in and care about the success of their business.

Know Your Client

Know your client and their business. No what they do, the systems they have in place and how they conduct daily business. Doing so will allow you to make suggestions and upsell any kind of service you provide. This assumes that you prove the value of what you are suggesting to their business.

Assume They Don’t Know What They Need

Your client won’t always know what they need and why they may need it. Knowing your client and their daily procedures in relation to the services you provide will lead to you being able to explain their needs as you see them as well as show them ways in which they can better their procedures so as to be more efficient.

Yes, the Customer is Always Right

You always need to make sure that whatever happens during a project remember that the customer is always right. Always make your client feel that they are in control and that their opinion matters. Make your suggestions as the expert but send the message that the client is the only one that knows their business.

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