6 ways to improve your online shop visibility

Posted by George Nicolaou

On 12 Mar, 2018

6 ways to improve your online shop visibility

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Any good brand or product-line following the web trends may initially go with a website. In time they end up realizing that margins are quite spectacular when the bulk of their sales are online. In this Mondays article, I am going to give 6 ways to improve your online shops’ visibility.

1.Register it at Google My Business

Register your online shop at Google My Business so that you are able to let Google know everything about your business. Some people may also know about Google Places for Business. Since the unveiling of Google My Business Google Places for Business has become obsolete. The data added via Google My Business includes:  Working Hours, Phone numbers, an address and directions, reviews, a business description and pictures or a virtual tour.

2. Create social media accounts to promote it

Like any website your online shop needs promotion via social media. So, create accounts and promote it but make sure about the following in terms of social media posting.

  1. Post at least 3 times a day so that you get more eyeballs leading to more possible sales
  2. Upload valuable content for your followers daily so that you’re perceived and known as the “expert” on your product or industry.
  3. Be aware of what your competitors are doing and analyze it. Figure out what the big brands are doing on social media since they have most likely done major research into what works and what doesn’t on social media.
  4. Choose the best time to post. Figure out the times that you customer base is actually on social media. A good idea is to follow recommendation c on this one too. Check out the times the big boys use.
  5. Use pictures when posting to social media. An interesting picture might make a user click a post even before reading the title so, use them when posting.

3. Use Google Analytics to see your traffic and the source of it

Use Google Analytics from the start for the shier reason of initially checking that you online shop has traffic but, more to the point, where that traffic is coming from. Let’s say for example the majority of your traffic comes from Facebook if so, keep doing Facebook ads, if more traffic seems to come from your email blasts than do that and don’t do Facebook ads as much. It’s an analysis game.

4. Use SEO to improve organic Google search results

Like with any site SEO is paramount to web visibility. For an online store that doesn’t change. If you are on a CMS it’s easier because you can use a plugin like Yoast to do most of that in quite a simple manner. As a side note and maybe a bit more technical for online shops we need to do specific SEO stuff so that Google can automatically detect things like Product Name, SKU, Description, Price, Sales Price, Ratings and more.

5. Add industry specific content to your online shop

To our next point, this is an old but solid statement “Content is king”. Even though your shop aims to sell your products you need to keep in mind that having a Blog section on an online shop is always a good thing and here’s why: You need fresh content for Google’s little robot to keep indexing your site and to come to the eventual conclusion that you have new content every x days, thus it knows that it needs to come visit again. Other then Google you need to write content that involves your industry and relates to the products you sell. This helps initially to establish you as an expert and in turn will lead to sales assuming that somewhere in the article you mention as well as, link to a product or products that helps with the issue your article is tackling.

6. Add subscribe pop-ups to your articles

As the title suggests sparsely and carefully add subscribe pop-ups to your articles. What this means is assuming your write an article on an issue that involves your industry and you intend to suggest one of your products as a solution then you could and maybe even should add a popup that requests a name and e-mail address so that your potential client opts into a mailing lists with content updates and sales or other special offers. Make sure to entice them with something for subscribing e.g. 10% off their first order.


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