Divi Contact Form with Countries Dropdown

Posted by George Nicolaou

On 6 Nov, 2017
George Nicolaou - Senior Web Developer
I needed to create it for a project. I decided to post my layout here in case some needs it

Remember to unzip and import the layout into the divi library


  1. Ernest Burden

    I tried to download your Divi contact form with dropdown country codes, but the link comes back not found.
    Would really help me out if you relinked it. Please.

    Thank you,

  2. Mihai

    Can’t import and I get this: The file should not be imported in this context

    • George Nicolaou

      Try importing it into a new page. My guess is you are importing it into the divi library

  3. Sheikh Imran

    Now I can handle the design your website is beneficial, and the way you helped me out from the other part of the world is impressive by using team viewer. Much Thanks

    • George Nicolaou

      glad I was able to help. As I understand after chatting with you, you are a a new Divi designer. So I wish you all the best

  4. makin

    Thanks for great info.
    How about USA state list?

    Would be possible to get that?
    Much appreciated.

    • George Nicolaou

      I would suggest using caldera forms

  5. David O'Connor

    Hi George Thanks for this much appreciated. I have a slight problem, when I add the form to my page -https://mli.latdev.co.uk/contact/ – it is underneath my initial form, I can’t seem to style the field background to the light grey of the country field. The text colour will change, but not the background colour. Any ideas?

    • George Nicolaou

      Well using a blue color I found on your site you can change the color using css although you should be able to use the design options of the fields to do this. The code below should do it.

      This code should go into Divi–>Theme Options–>Custom CSS

      .et_pb_contact .et_pb_contact_field_half {
      float: left;
      width: 50%;
      background: #002672 !important; /*chnage hex if you need to*/

      .et_pb_contact_field textarea.et_pb_contact_message {
      display: block;
      min-height: 150px;
      background: #002672 !important; /*chnage hex if you need to*/

  6. Yosh

    the download just hangs and cannot be completed. I tried Save Linked Content As but it also hangs. Am I doing something wrong?


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