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Posted by George Nicolaou

On 3 Aug, 2017
George Nicolaou - Senior Web Developer

PHP, MySQL and Apache Requirements

PHP 7 or greater
MySQL 5.6 or greater
The mod_rewrite Apache module

PHP variable requirments

post_max_size 128M (48 is enough)
upload_max_filesize 128M (32 is enough)
max_input_time 600 (120 is enough)
max_input_vars 3000 (1000 is enough)
PHP memory limit 128MB (96 is enough)

If you get the Builder can't be loaded error add this to the end of your .htaccess file

<IfModule mod_substitute.c>
SubstituteMaxLineLength 20M


  1. Scott


    Do the PHP variables above get put into the php.ini file, or where? I have a self-hosted VPS, with CentOS, NGINX, PHP7.2, & MariaDB. Thanks for your help with this!



    • George Nicolaou

      Hey Scott, Yes it’s in your php.ini file. Now depending how your server is setup you should either

      1. be able to just add a php.ini file into the same folder where wp-config.php is and add these or

      2. you may need to effect the general php.ini configuration file usually located at /etc/php.ini for CentOS.

      To check if your variables are being picked up go the the folder where wp-config.php is located and make a new file called info.php. Now in the file add this code

      and save the file. Now go to whateveryourdomainnamewas.com/info.php and this should show you all your php info including the variables and their values.

      If you need any more help let me know via email. I am in a country called Cyprus so Google our time difference and maybe we can share screens or whatever so I can help resolve your issue. As a software dev linux is my thing 🙂 After everything is sorted you can delete the info.php file

      • Scott

        Hey George,

        Thanks for your reply! I have edited the php.ini file and restarted the php-fpm service. The Divi Builder now comes up, but hangs when I try to load Premade layouts.

        Where is the .htaccess file located on an NGINX-based CentOS server? I still need to make the last change you suggested.



  2. George Nicolaou

    NGINX-based CentOS server doesn’t use htaccess files that only related to apache. I am thinking of setting up CentOS on my machine to see if I can duplicate your issue and provide a fix. Are you on the latest version of Divi?

  3. Ed Elmy

    Hi George, I am having an issue getting save some changes in a Woocommerce store front to show as categories. Saved changes are morning showing. Could this simply Ben down to images or something more complex.

    • George Nicolaou

      Ed if stuff aren’t saving you need to check your console for javascript errors. Disable all plugins except woocomerce and try saving again. If it works activate each plugin one at a time and try saving that same data each time until you find the culprit

  4. Nikolas Prasoulis

    hi i am facing builder problems with the latest releases of Divi 4.2.1 and wordpress 5.3.2. When i trying to configure a row i see a circle and after some time i see time outs and i must reload the page to work. Support center settings for Divi host are:
    PHP Version 7.2
    post_max_size 64M
    max_execution_time 180
    upload_max_filesize 64M
    max_input_vars 3000
    max_input_time 60
    memory limit 512

    • Nikolas Prasoulis

      SubstituteMaxLineLength 20M

      i did it but i got error when i tried to refresh my webpage

      • George Nicolaou

        SubstituteMaxLineLength 20M is a valid directive assuming you are using apache 2.4+. Since you are Greek I will answer in Greek too. Η ρυθμιση αυτη παιζει μονο σε apache 2.4+ λεω και παλι στειλε ενα μαιλ στο info@georgenicolaou.me να μιλησουμε αν θες φυσικα

    • George Nicolaou

      settings seem fine sorry for the late reply. Since you are Greek I will answer in Greek too. Οι ρυθμισεις σου φαινονται οκ στειλε ενα μαιλ στο info@georgenicolaou.me να μιλησουμε


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