What clients I would hire if I could

Posted by George Nicolaou

On 15 Oct, 2018

What clients I would hire if I could

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It’s Monday again and as usual, I’ll be putting my thoughts out there on a specific topic. As you can tell from the title I’m going to attempt to describe what clients I would hire if I could. In our business clients usually, hire us based on word of mouth or a portfolio or from another client. Here are the clients I would hire as a web developer.

Clients that can articulate their pain.

I would love it if my clients could articulate their pain. Let me be clear when I client looks at an initial design and comes back with feedback like “I want the site to be more vibrant” that is not useful or constructive in any way, shape or form. They to tell me their “pain” so that I can come up with an alternative.

Clients that are inspired by alternatives.

I love it when clients show me designs of websites they like so that I can get a sense of what they like but, other than that the websites I create usually do not resemble the website in question. Simply put anyone can clone a website design but in reality, the client doesn’t usually have the same kind of content that big fancy site has. As a result, the website becomes unique based on the content the client provides. My point is that I love a client who gets inspired by my alternative design based on their own content.

Clients that allow for recommendations

Any client has their own idea on how they want their website to look or feel. But people forget the need for conversion. Every business has goals. What is the main goal of any business whether you are in retail or strictly online? Making money. As a web developer, I can speak to the online side of things.

Simply put conversion is trying to invoke a visitor to take a specific desired action. On a blog, it might mean enticing a visitor is subscribe to a mailing list. With an online store obviously, you would most likely want a visitor to become a buying customer.

Looking at converting a visitor to a buying customer and why you should even care to take the time has a very simple answer, you want to increase revenue. As part of our jobs and web-developer / web-designer, we are the experts to help a business in achieving their goals. Case and point clients should allow for recommendations from us as experts.

Clients that have these characteristics are the ones I would hire if I could choose them.

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Web Development 101What clients I would hire if I could