Why page builders do not replace web-developers or designers

Posted by George Nicolaou

On 14 May, 2018

Why page builders do not replace web-developers or designers

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It’s Monday again and I was thinking that most people assume that using page builders can replace web-developers or designers. Something I strongly disagree with. I will be listing a few reasons why later in this article.

Let me start by loosely defining what Page Builder are. Page Builders are usually an additional WordPress plugin or it may be built-in for the theme which your are using that enables you to edit pages (the area between the header and the footer) on your WordPress site for example via an enhanced drag-and-drop editor. This gives you a simple way to use WordPress to build a professional site. Now lets see why a page builder doesn’t actually replace web-developers or designers:

· A page builder has a learning curve which means a developer/designer needs to show you the ropes. You may take longer to learn how to use a page builder than a developer that uses a page builder for all his/her design and development tasks.

· A page builder has some quirks which means that you will need to learn those idiosyncrasies so that you know which components to use and how to use those components to achieve your design goals.

· All page builders have a finite number of settings and possible customizations so it’s quite possible that a design you have in your head may not be possible simply by manipulating these settings. A developer can add code that will achieve any design even while using a page builder. This code may be either CSS, jQuery, HTML or PHP or any other language that would be needed to achieve, what you thought up.

· Using a page builder doesn’t mean that a site won’t require a seasoned developer to handle maintenance and updates that may or may not also require adding or changing any custom code you may have added to achieve your design.

Pro Tip: Let your developer choose the page-builder for you because he/she probably has an idea of the capabilities the page builder needs to have so that your design idea can come to life as well as your knowledge in terms of using html for example. The reason I mention this is because some page builders may need content to be written in pure html form in some cases. This might not be usual if the clients doesn’t know html but want to change the content themselves.

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Web Development 101Why page builders do not replace web-developers or designers