Why testimonials are important

Posted by George Nicolaou

On 17 Sep, 2018

Why testimonials are important

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It’s Monday again and as usual, I’ll be putting my thoughts out there on a specific topic. As you can tell from the title I’m going to attempt to highlight why testimonials are important.

They Help Build Trust & Credibility

These days anyone can build a website, right? Well, if you read my articles regularly then you probably know I have a blog on my website. If you somehow landed on my website, then you will most likely see that I have testimonials on the homepage as well as a separate page for the entry of those testimonials. Reading through the testimonials you might find that these contain spelling or grammatic errors. The reason they are there is that whenever a client I help or worked with leaves a review I want it to stay real because it helps build trust and credibility. Them adding a photo of either their brand or their actual face helps that process even more.

You can use human emotion as a marketing tool

As we all know what makes us human is our ability for emotion. People that see testimonials on a website will most likely be accessing some emotion when they read reviews on your website. That most likely will at some point lead them to consider you trustworthy and credible which means that you used human emotions to make a potential sale.

Everyone loves a good story

At the heart of your testimonials are stories: characters who are your clients or buyers who initially had a problem or an unfulfilled desire and found the solution in your business. Someone that stumbles upon your site and actually reads the testimonials is most likely having the same or a similar issue and is looking for a way to verify that you are a good choice to help them with that issue.

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Web Development 101Why testimonials are important